Please follow the below process to book an appointment for a healing/therapy session for face to face session OR Online Skype session.


NOTE: We are helping everyone via ONLINE SKYPE therapy sessions as well along with the normal FACE to FACE therapy sessions at our clinic. These  online sessions are 100% similar to face to face sessions, you can avail these from your home, and are exactly provide 100% results as the face to face sessions, in case your issue can be addressed online.
To read about the online sessions, prerequisites, process, etc, please CLICK HERE. 
We have conducted nearly 500 Online sessions with Clients from USA, Australia, Singapore, Europe and within India, with 100% success rate! Customer reviews from our International and Indian Clients can be checked HERE


Research About Us First


Thanks for visiting us. If you are on this page, it means you need help, and we are always happy to help you. So, here below is a quick tip to ensure you are well informed about us and how w can help you 🙂
Before directly booking an appointment you must read everything about out specific therapy process, Customer Reviews, about Rashhi Sharma, about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and you can even have a little experience from Rashhi for Free, here are the links for these, do check all in detail:
  1. Click Here to Read about Rashhi. Her background, her International Qualifications, Certifications, Affiliations, Accreditation, and International Memberships. If you have any doubts or queries, contact us directly.
  2. Click Here to Read everything about our Therapies, how these are conducted, our unique results and goals.
  3. Click here to read all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) , these would help you to get answers of most of your questions.
  4. Click here to check our YouTube Channel. Here you would find Free resources to help and heal via Guided Hypnosis and Meditation, and practical information about therapies. Lot of videos would be added every week always. This can be your Life time support mechanism, if you Subscribe once!
  5. Click here for open public Customer Reviews from  most trusted platforms – for Therapy and Professional Training courses—Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn
  6. Click here to know about our Internationally Certified Advanced Past Life Regression, and other professional training courses. Read here the Reviews of our Training program.


If you still have doubts, there is nothing better than picking up the phone and to chat on WhatsApp with us or call us!




 After reading above, here is the step by step process for appointment.



1. Call or WhatsApp on +919886933911 . It’s Soul Consciousness Lab office number and not of Rashhi Sharma.
      Click HERE to send Instant WhatsApp without adding this number to contacts.
2. Discuss your requirement. Your all queries would be answered regarding therapy, cost, availability of therapy slots. We have face to face and Skype online sessions, read the above shared information again before proceeding.
3. Receive all information with sessions Fees, read FAQ’s. Check it in detail. Do compare it scrutinize it closely. We always encourage you to ask as many queries as possible and try to provide you with professional facts to increase awareness. There is nothing hidden here.
4. If you decide to go with us for therapy sessions, you need to pre-book the session by paying FULL fees in Advance,, and selecting  the suitable date and available time slot. The booking is a manual process, and you need to contact us on 9886933911.
5. The normal waiting time for a therapy session is 2-6 weeks for face to face and 1-2 weeks for Skype. So, please book the session in advance accordingly. Walk-ins are not allowed/possible.
5. Once session is pre-booked, the first and most important step is to send email to Rashhi describing the purpose of the session. It’s mandatory requirement. See details on our Contact Page.
6. You must contact us and send an email for purpose of discussion.
7. Come and meet Rashhi according to your booked slot and mode for therapy.
8. All the best!
Rashhi combines all needed therapeutic modalities in each session as per the need : Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Womb Regression, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Shamanic Healing, Psychic reading, Akashic Reading, Shadow Work, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Pranic Healing, Chakra Balancing.
Read here about it.


Before Booking a therapy session,
You must contact us on our phone number for it and send an email to Mrs. Rashhi for the purpose of the discussion. 
All the Best!!!

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