I practice meditation from 20 years. I am a seeker of God and always have been curious about the ways Nature works. Being an Empath, War, Violence and Bloodshed had disturbed me a lot, so I tried to find my own way which could help me find peace and connect me always to God, understand the mysteries going on.   By God’s grace I found my path, after lot of search though! It did not reduce my problems but it helped me to step back and provided me with a higher perspective which is needed to understand and accept and move on and on… Here, I would like to share an experience of mine ;



“When I was 10, I thought of leaving home and renunciation was on top of my mind…. I wanted to go to Himalayas, never to return back. Being a true seeker of God I thought this was natural for me to think of Himalayas and meditation, so I was prepared for it!! And I planned for a month, saved money, packed 1 bag, even got my cousin at my side ready to go with me.. wow I was excited and confident that this is the right time and way.

The day came, morning 4 AM, I stepped out of my home and I heard this clear voice in my head… “This is not the right time” . And I took it as a sign and waited for my true path.


Thought flow started asking “Why can’t I get what I need being at home itself, what’s the need to go out”? Why do I need to renounce? When I am born into a family, a big joint family then why would get God only after leaving family ties? Why has HE given family ties if I have to renounce the family, the world to find HIM?  What is true purpose of my life?


To get my answers,  I read Holy Geeta and other Holy Granthas. And after reading great Holy Books and listening to discourses it seemed like getting just intellectual knowledge;  to me it was just like a mirage in desert, it was a glimpse of God and Nature.. .these are experiences of others..And not mine … but I wanted my own thirst to be quenched, and it could be done only through my own experience… and then I learned to meditate through Heartfulness way and all my questions were answered naturally through my own experiences. The continuous ongoing journey on this path has made me stronger and a much better person every day of life since then.




I invite you to learn “Heartfulness Meditation” and experience it yourself for a miraculous transformation.


Learn “Heartfulness Meditation”  As  Meditation reflects your consciousness.

Through meditation, you get the opportunity to look deep into yourself.



What is meditation?

When we think continuously of any one thing, we are meditating.


Why Meditate?

In today’s time when we all are busy and even 24 hours seems less to us. We have disconnected ourselves from our true selves. Everyone feels an urge to seek peace, we try through physical exercises but they will heal our body but what about our Mind. It is a state which can be attained inside only through “Meditation”.


Benefits of Meditation


Improved quality of life
Stress relief
Better quality of sleep
Stimulation of the immune system.
It helps to calm mind.
Increased concentration
Clarity of ideas
Gives inner strength
Relaxation, rejuvenation, are all natural results of meditating regularly.
The ability to connect to an inner source


Connect to your Inner Self, Dive within through Meditation