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Soul Consciousness Lab offers the most genuine, premium, advanced 100% practice-based, residential learning programs for Shamanism that cover all basic to advanced levels and a dedicated program to become a shamanic practitioner.

Everyone interested in learning shamanism for any reason, personal or professional is welcome to join the offered programs.


The training programs are conducted by Mrs. Rashhi Sharma,  in Bangalore, at Discovery Village Resort. The program has a limited 12 seats per training batch and all the students need to stay at the resort for the entire program duration.


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About the Trainer Mrs. Rashhi Sharma


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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a natural way of life, had been the most natural practice since human soul journey began on earth. It’s not a religion, sect, society, cult, hypothesis or piece of theory!

It is the pure, 100% experiential, natural, Spiritual Practice which ever existed on Earth!


For humans Shamanism had been like a breath to life, soul to body, the essence of living with the Nature, with capital N. All the human societies which existed on earth from any time period had a peaceful and harmonious way of living with Nature which had a central idea that –

“We are a part of Nature like everything sensory and non-sensory, seen and unseen, material and metaphysical, normal and paranormal, existing in the Nature – be it a sand grain, an ant, a tree, air, land, water, mountains, animals, birds.. EVERYTHING!”


The core belief of Shamanism is “Everything around us, living or non-living, has a Soul, a Spirit. Everything has Consciousness”. What differs between a grain of sand and a human soul is how consciousness expresses itself, the vibratory levels of consciousness, the awareness and the expression of awareness!

There are natural ways to connect with everything around us, and we all have this ability to connect to the Nature, and everything which exists in the Nature. We all can learn these ways to connect to Nature and it’s elements to gain wisdom, to help to heal people or societies, and to keep the balance of Nature as it is intended to be as per spiritual laws.


Shamanism is a process where you learn to connect with the unseen, with the energies of the world and beyond, with the consciousness of the Nature and it’s elements via Shamanic Journeying. Shamanic Journeying is possible by moving into an altered state of Consciousness using different methods as per the shamanic traditions.

These methods have a central purpose – to lower the barrier of human conscious, logical mind and surrender it to the spirit realm of the Nature, of the other worlds. We aim to get in sync our conscious awareness to the awareness of the other worlds, spirit world (like tuning a radio to different frequencies to hear different channels), and then connect to the other realities and receive information as per the need.


The methods which can be employed to do shamanic journeying can range from using psychedelic medicines (using external substances) to music! A lot of respected researches have done significant work in exploring different shamanic traditions from all parts of the world and made us available the best tools and methods which fit as per the traditions and ethics of our modern society.



The training with Mrs.Rashhi Sharma will utilize non-medicinal methods, non invasive method that utilizes shamanic drumming as an agent to induce the shamanic trance, which will help you to enter into the shamanic journeying. Rhythmic Shamanic drumming and using rattles is one of the most effective ways to induce shamanic trance, which would be our primary instrument in the training programs.



How Shamanism Works?

It has been said that a shaman is like a particular kind of priest, although in shamanism there is no sacred text, no rigid theology, and no one set of beliefs. In contrast to organized religion, shamanism bases its practices on firsthand experience rather than faith. The underlying cosmology has universal meanings and traits, but the map used to navigate the terrain may vary depending on one’s cultural background or situation. The shaman enters a deeper world through altered states of consciousness where the physical and spiritual realms are blended together and there is a strong bond between God and humanity. A practicing shaman can see acts of healing and meaning-finding as organic byproducts of life. When placed in the hands of a skilled shaman, a person might reclaim the integrity, harmony, and balance of their life and energies.


Shamans can enter sacred, invisible regions/realms/dimensions through altered states of consciousness. Now, entering an altered state is quite common and possible for anyone and there are various ways to achieve it. So, what is it that sets the Shamans apart from the rest of the world?

It is the capacity of the shamanic practitioner to act with conscious intention, in collaboration with spirits, sets them apart from other spiritual traditions. The shaman builds intimate working ties with spirits via initiation and training.


The methods and customs used to achieve altered states of consciousness differ depending on the culture, region, personal requirements, and expertise of the practitioner. Commonplace instruments such as drumming, singing, rattles, and dancing are essential and helpful in establishing a connection with the spirit realm. Shamans are frequently portrayed as being in ecstasies, experiencing a sense of oneness with everything, and communicating with spirits. However, the trip is not meant to end in pleasure. The ritual’s power is also unrelated to what the shaman seems to be accomplishing in the actual world. What counts are the tangible healing acts taking place in the invisible world.


The shaman, guided by spirits or energy, can consciously discerns the spiritual origins of issues/disease/etc. and then creates remedies to rectify or harmonize those issues in the material world. Prescriptions could include the shaman’s activities in the afterlife or spiritual and material guidance on healing methods such as Western medicine, herbs, or behavioral modifications like offering and sacrifice.





How Does Learning Shamanism Help?

Shamanism is based on the idea that spirits exist, everything around us has consciousness and soul, and that shamans can interact with and control these spirits to bring about healing, direction, and other benefits to an individual and the society as a whole.

Although shamanism is used differently in different parts of the world, based on cultural and geographic situations, the most prevalent uses of shamanism are as below.


1. Healing :

Shamans can communicate with the spirits and with the help of their spirit animals and spirit guides perform physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing in a very powerful way. The Shamans can find out the type of illness, the Root Cause of an illness and then use various methods to treat the illness.

The methods which are used can involve shamanic journeying, ceremonies, rituals, plant spirit medicine, and other spiritual interventions.


2. Divination :

Shamans can enter into “Altered states of consciousness” and easily acquire knowledge of the past, present, or future. Shamans use a variety of methods, which includes ceremonies, meditation, and trance.

Shamans use many tools for divination, like the use of cards or divination tools, use of stones, bones, or can use dreams for interpretation.


3. Psychopomp work:

One of the most important work of the Shamans is to help the dead. They guide the spirits of the dead to either help them to move to the brighter world, to crossover to the hereafter and they also assist the spirits to complete their unfinished business in the earth plane.


4. Protection from bad spirits and energies:
Shamans with the help of their spirit guides from different realms, can protect people and communities from any harm that can be causes by bad spirits, and negative energies by using rituals, ceremonies and amulets.


5. Ceremonies and Rituals:

The ceremonies and rituals involve the communication with the spirit world for different purposes. It can be to just communicate with the spirits, to celebrate important life events like deaths, marriages, births etc. Ancestors are a very important part of shamanism and rituals and ceremonies are performed to honor the ancestors


6. Intercession :

Shamans can pray to spirits on behalf of others for various matters like, seeking the blessings of spirits and ancestors, seeking assistance and guidance for important matters like agriculture, weather, conflict resolution, and hunting.


7. Ecological Harmony:

Certain shamanic traditions place a strong emphasis on preserving harmony and balance with the natural world, and shamans may use ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual practices to try and mend the human-nature bond.


8. Spiritual Guidance:

Shamans serve as go-betweens between the physical and spiritual realms, offering counsel, insight, and direction to people and groups in search of a deeper understanding of spirituality.


9. Cultural Preservation:

Many indigenous societies rely on shamanism to survive because it preserves the customs, ceremonies, and spiritual practices that have been passed down through the millennia.



10. Personal Development and Transformation:

Shamans can support personal growth, healing, and development by helping individuals break through spiritual boundaries, become more self-aware, and build connections with both their inner selves and the larger cosmos.



Who Can Join This Training?



Anyone who is pure in heart and intention, is deeply interested in understanding the laws of the spirit world, is happy to help the individuals and the society, wants to contribute to restore harmony to the self and all relationships—familial, ancestral, social, and environmental, is welcome to join!

Shamanism is a part of life, is a part of every human DNA, is a part of the cosmos, so anyone can join regardless of gender, nationality, or sexual orientation.


A shaman can help anyone with any human dilemma, be it helping to protect the society, the environment, helping someone with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailment or even guiding a CEO through a challenging career.

The shaman supports the community by offering useful healing aid.


Shamanism is a Journey of a lifetime. It’s not a destination but a path. The training designed by Mrs. Rashhi Sharma is a reflection of her Journey on the path of Shamanism. She has been on this path for more than a decade and has traveled the world from the USA to Bali going through Peru, Mexico, France, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Italy, Ireland, and Thailand.

On her path to learning shamanism, she has met great masters teaching her African, Quechuan, Celtic, P’aqo, and Core Shamanism.


Except for Shamanism, Mrs. Rashhi Sharma is a world-renowned and internationally certified trainer of advanced spiritual sciences and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Akashic Records, Consciousness Expansion, Psychic Work, Spiritual Mediumship, Out Of Body Experience, Remote Viewing, Psychokinesis, Manifestation and more.


She has traveled across the Globe and met remarkable trainers masters and organizations that are the best in their fields.

Some of them include Joe Mcmoneagle, Debra Catz, Anne Jirsch, Suzanne Giesemann, Sandra Ingernman, Kevin B Turner, John Kortum, Fred Ribble, Dr. Brian Dailey, , Joe Gallenberger, Dr Brian Weiss, Cal Banyan, Don Mottin .


Mrs. Rashhi Sharma believes that we must all learn from our own experience, spirituality is not a field of discussion or theory or intellectual debates, but its a pure 100% Experiential work area where nothing helps you except for what you experience yourself. Her all training are 100% experiential and she never even opens any manual or shows even a single slide.





The Shamanism training offered by Soul Consciousness Lab is spread over 2 years with 4 different levels as below. Each level is designed to enable the student in a step-by-step progressive way to learn and master all the essential concepts and methods. Shamanic healing is introduced slowly and naturally when the student has grasped the command of all the essential fundamentals.


There are 3 levels to learn the Shamanism concepts

  1. Foundation Course – Level 1
  2. Intermediate Course – Level 2
  3. Advanced Course – Level 3

These courses are to be attended in the order of levels only. Between 2 levels there is a gap of 6 months. 


Then we offer a separate advanced module of the Shamanic Practitioner Course which can be attended after 12 months of attending the Advanced level Course. The students must practice extensively between levels and courses.


The most essential part is PRACTICE and we ensure that all students practice and get 100% support from the trainer and institute between the courses or after any course. The unique, unparallel support structure that comes with paid membership in the programs is as below-

  1. Joining a core group of Soul Consciousness Lab where all students participate in exchanging practice and journeys – with paid membership
  2. Joining a core group for Ceremonies and Rituals where all members meet regularly and participate in group learning, practice, ceremonies, and rituals – with paid membership
  3. Monthly Video calls with the trainer – with paid membership
  4. Between 2 training levels, all students and trainer meet for 1 day to revise and practice all important questions – free of cost – Online



Learning shamanism is a spiritual journey and we can not define boundaries here. The learning in Shamanism can never end and there are a few important points to consider here.

  1. The foundation of this program is practice and practice
  2. No separate manual or theory will be provided during training. All students will make their notes and observations based on the experiences they had
  3. There are no benchmarks here in experience, the uniqueness and objectivity of experiences are welcome, and that’s how it must be


The program content as presented here is a high-level representation of concepts that will be taught and the terms used are commonly used and accepted globally. The learning is very fluid and Mrs. Rashhi Sharma never fixes a specific path which is common for all the training batches. She believes that the path must be unique, and should be as per the groups need and must not be fixed.

So, every batch will experience a different journey in learning with her.


Also, the training content may be changed anytime and we may add additional topics or delete some topics as needed. 


Here is a high-level picture-


Foundation Course – Level 1


Intermediate Course – Level 2



Advanced Course – Level 3

Practitioner Course



The program can be joined by following the below 4 steps-


  1. Step-1: Do thorough research about the Trainer, the Program, the Features of the program, the methodology, and post support and match your expectations with it.
  2. Step-2: Call +91-9886933911 or WhatsApp for a detailed discussion as per your specific needs. Ask for payment methods if you wish to enroll in the program. A payment of Rs. 50000/- is needed for registration for enrollment – next step.
  3. Step 3: Fill out the training Enrollment Form. Click HERE to fill out the enrollment form. Select the training level and submit all details along with the proof of Rs. 50000/-, the registration fees.
  4. Step-4: You’ll get a formal email from Soul Consciousness Lab with all training details, registration confirmation, and all training details.







  1. There are no refunds once the training has been enrolled. The Enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  2. If you cancel anytime, the resort fees and training expenses fees are always non-refundable as these are paid to the resort and can’t be recovered.
  3. If the Government cancels flights, and/or closes resorts due to coronavirus, we would wait for government guidelines and postpone the batch. The fees would be carried forward to the next batch.
  4. In case you didn’t show up for the training, and there was no prior communication as well to us, there are no refunds and your training seat is non-transferable to the next batch.
  5. In case you didn’t show up for the training, and there was a prior communication made to us 21 days prior to the training, with the reasons, there are no refunds BUT your training seat is transferable to the next batch. However, the Training fees would be applicable as per the NEXT batch fees and not the previous batch fees. You’ll have to pay the differential fee amount to attend the next batch.
  6. In case we have to cancel the training because of any reason, we will communicate with you immediately.
  7. You can opt for a full refund of the paid fees.
  8. Alternatively, You can opt for the transfer of the seat to the next batch. The fees would be applicable as per the next batch.
  9. There are no refunds for the travel tickets booked by you. We always advise you to book refundable flight/train tickets. We won’t be responsible for your non-refundable flight tickets.
  10. The resort provides Veg and Non-Veg Buffet ONLY.
  11. There are no provisions for special/individual customized food needs.
  12. They won’t be serving food in your rooms, you need to come to the buffet.
  13. If you want special Food – Jain Food, Specific Food needs, OR anything that is NOT a part of the Buffet, You MUST Tell us before you join the training program.
  14. your request for special food may be denied.
  15. Your request for the special food may be accepted AND you’ll need to pay EXTRA fees as per the resort’s policy.