Q: What’s a session with us? What Does it Includes? What all healing, divination, & spiritual tools are used for help?
The healing session is a real life event which is done in real time either face to face or online via video call with the client. This one-to-one personal “event” is called a session, or healing session or therapy session.
Now, its essential to understand very clearly on the onset that there are various healing modalities which are used in a session, based on the personal need and response of the client, and each healing modality has its own reach and purpose. Here at Soul Consciousness Lab, you can be 100% assured that if any healing modality is used, we have the International Level qualifications/Certification/Experience of the most advanced levels, with global certification, practice and these have 100% verifiable results.
So, the genuine-ness is 100% guaranteed. It can be verified with the publicly available certifications, global memberships, customer testimonials of Professional Therapy & Training from 1000’s of clients from more than 50+ countries of the world. The links of active memberships are also available, and can be verified by anyone.
These are our differentiators, which would be lacking with mostly 98% of the other professional organizations globally, and you must verify these yourself!
Q:  What all healing, divination, & spiritual tools are used for help? Are these safe and proven?
When you come for help at Soul consciousness Lab, and book a session with us, you are in the safest hands, with extraordinary talents, spiritual attainment, gifted most qualified, experienced and professional therapist, Mrs. Rashhi Sharma.
Whatever healing, helping, divination methods she’ll use, she is topmost qualified at the most advanced level in the whole world. She has an innocuous track record of 100% success rate in each and every session. She is the one of such rare therapists setting up such a high benchmark!


Now, coming to the healing modalities. Most of the people in the world don’t understand the aspects of most o the healing modalities, even though everyone around you seems to be talking about these. And most often, NONE knows the REACH & LIMITATIONS of various healing & Divination tools available.
Everyone talks about “Energy Healing” like energy healing is a tool, to heal everything, pierce into all aspects of life, and can solve everything. But that’s not the case. It is the most limited understanding if that is your understanding as well.
But why?
Because energy is the outcome not the Source, we are energy beings, we are driven by energies, we emanate energies, we are receivers and source of energy both. So externally it looks like that energy is the most important, working with energy is the ultimate, powerful and would be most healing for us.
But what about the source of the energy, what about the creator of the energy, what about the real ROOT CAUSE of the energy. What if we can just reach to the source of the energy, the very reason responsible for energy, or the lack of energy?
Think about it. What would help us to change at the base, root, permanently.. just dealing, fighting with the energy, externally OR by just having an opportunity to tap into the very source, root of energy? What would bring a permanent and positive change?


Note: Here we are providing a very high level of view, detailed explanations with scientifically proven and experiential information would appear soon in our Upcoming Books!


The root of the energy, of life, of creation and nature lies in the Consciousness. Everything around us has a Consciousness, living or dead around us. The difference is the level of consciousness present in different living or non-living beings. With us, living beings, there are aspects of the Soul and the Subconscious mind as well, which are the most important and defines the human being in all aspects.


Q:  What are the Most Common areas and specific issues, queries which You have Succesfully treated in your Professional Career?
Mrs Rashhi Sharma and Soul Conscuiousness Lab has conducted more than 4500 therapy sessions which have touched lifes of more than  60+ countries globally.
She has helped her clients in resolving issues from all the 4 quadrants of life, which are


  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual
Her unique approach allows in


  1. Reaching to the ROOT Cause of any specific Issue or Query from any quadrant of life
  2. Once the ROOT cuase is known by the Client himself/herself, then the next step is Therapy- means Tranforming the needed aspects of the ROOT CAUSE at the subconscious and soul level. When the transformation happens at these 2 Deepest Levels, positive tranformation is observed in the coming days and weeks naturally without the use of any external force or medicines.
  3. The Positive Transformation is Permanent, Natural, Over the Lifetimes and ensures Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional progress which is felt by the Client and everyone else around the Client. Complete Life Transformation at any Levels is possible for a willing person, there are NO LIMITS!!!

Specific Issues with Real Life Cases

Relationship Issues


Relationships are the Most Important part of everone who is ever born on this earth. Our Life can be defined in terms of relations we carry around us. But, do we know how everyone around us is connected with us? Do we know why there are certain people OR if correctly sais, Why each and everyone you meet in your lifetime comes in your life?


Who is responsible for all the Relations you have — Toxic relations, Loved relations, Inspiring Relations, Divine relations, Motherly or Fatherly relations, Siblings, Friendships, Enemies…. You name it  …  ??
You often have 90% of your Life Issues or Happiness coming out of Relations ONLY.. Think for a moment..!
  1. How does these realtions form in our lives?
  2. When does these relations are formed, before birth, during past lives OR all are accidental?
  3. Can you have control of a relation?
  4. Why some relations are bad, toxic, abusive, destructive, traumatizing, filled with anger and sadness?
  5. Why does Someone you loved turns out to be Deceptive, Revengeful, Destructive?
  6. Why your love of life Cheated on You when you Loved him/Her so much?
  7. Why does your parents hate you, are partial towards you, want you dead?
  8. Why your friends betray you?
  9. Why your business partner, Or best friend did Financial Fraud with you, looted you for your hard earned money when you did nothing wrong?
  10. Why Everyone whomsover you meet in life betrays you?
  11. Why you can’t get Love in Any Relation?


One very important Issue which we have been appraoched by most of the Women is-
  1. Divorce after Love Marriage, why?
  2. Meeting someone after marriage who SEEMS to be your TRUE SOULMATE, but Is He/She a soulmate, how can you decide


Also nowadays having Multiple Love Relations before marriage are common and out of these affairs also arise a lot of real questions
  1. Why I have too many failed relations?
  2. Why I can’t trust anyone for marriage?
  3. Why I fear commitment?
  4. Why everone Uses me and then move on, when would I find my true love?
  5. Why am I not married still, though I am young, beautiful, succesful?
  6. Is it necessary to get married even, why can’t I have multiple partners, is it ok, what is the destiny with this lifestyle?