Dear all,

Our work is to HELP, HEAL and AWAKEN ! 

The situation our mother earth and humanity is going through now makes us think deeply about our individual life, about the priorities and choices of our conscious mind towards ourselves and  towards the creation as a whole—- at both physical and spiritual levels.

We all have an individual responsibility and a collective responsibility too, to ensure that our present actions and the energy space we create by our thoughts has –


  1. The strong foundation of purity of thoughts, thoughts which are clear, originated from a balanced mind and supports the actions of a heart filled with only Love
  2. Our first priority should be to work on OURSELVES first, and devote our time towards our individual growth- aim to achieve a Balanced state of mind and body. This can be ONLY achieved by regulating our THOUGHTS, and use MEDITATION intensively to regulate our mind and thoughts.
  3. Understand our responsibility towards humanity and the whole creation, and work towards spreading Love, Peace, Health, Abundance and Balance.


Its not difficult to do this, and you need not be a healer, teacher of anyone with special capabilities.. Not needed! What’s needed is your purity of intention, the purity of thoughts, and  if you have just Balanced yourself at spiritual, mental and physical levels, you can be that change…

—— YOU are that change, WE all, each one of us are that change.

Our aim is to help you get balanced, and in this pursuit, we, the community of healers, helpers, work together with our group, teachers and guides. The other way is to work individually and our YouTube Channel is an effort towards that. The details are presented on this page further.


Working with International Community:

Rashhi Sharma works directly with the healers of “The Michael Newton Institute, USA”

Here we are providing access to these free resources which have discussions and powerful hypnosis and meditations which can be used individually and the THERAPISTS can use these for their Clients.



Here Rashhi Sharma and healers of TNI, USA  led by Paul Aurand, MHt., meditate for building Trust  in the world.

Trust is the foundation of Faith, and we all need to build trust among each other for peace.



Rashhi with Paul Aurand and therapists of 14 countries, 2 powerful meditations to help in the times of COVID-19.



I AM SAFE – Relax, Release and Let Go



What’s Next? Finding Your Center





Via Holistic Healing and Soul Awakening

Our Self Help Guided Meditation and Hypnosis Videos are designed to :

– Heal at the Soul Level: These work at the Chakras, Subconscious, and Conscious Levels with the most powerful meditation and hypnosis tools.
– Awaken the Soul: A real awakening can start right now, experience it!

Our Information Series is Designed to:

The topics covered via the Information series is designed to “Provide right Information and Eradicate the Myths, False Information, Fears and unscientific bias towards these wonderful, miraculous, holistic healing and awakening modalities of Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Future Life Progression, Shamanism, Psychic Healing, Intuition, and many more…!

Join us and experience these yourself!

Our Goals

Therapy 100%
Professional Training 100%
Soul Awakening 100%

A Note From Soul Consciousness Lab

Summary of Our Goals


Soul Consciousness Lab and Sahaj Healing, are dedicated to educate and spread the right awareness regarding the importance of Soul, Consciousness, and Higher Self in our human journey.


We are devoted to help anyone and everyone who is interested to join us along this beautiful path.

We are working towards developing and evolving the best scientific, natural and therapeutic modalities for healing and soul awareness tools which would heal holistically and also help to raise the consciousness.


Our Videos and meditations are published in English and Hindi. This Channel is Dedicated to –


1. Provide you with Self Help, Self Hypnosis, Guided Hypnosis, Guided Meditations which are developed by Rashhi to help everyone who is interested anywhere in the World.

2. Provide you with 100% accurate, Latest, in Depth experiential knowledge and right information about various concepts of Healing, Soul Awareness, Awakening, Raja Yoga, Meditation.

3. Answer all of your queries and take up topics which are asked by YOU.


As an international organization which specializes in Professional Training and Holistic Therapy with various advanced healing modalities, including :

Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing, Akashic records reading, Psychic Healing, Spiritual Tarot etc.


We have been helping 1000’s of people around the world and have achieved a benchmark of 100% results in Therapy.


Rashhi Sharma, the Chief Trainer and Therapist, is the Pioneer in the World in developing a very UNIQUE therapy modality which combines the ESSENCE of various healing Modalities, which has revolutionized this field by always getting- –


  1. 100% Success Rates in Therapy, from the first therapy session .
  2. 100% clients get into deep healing hypnotic trance for PLR, Hypnosis, FLP in the FIRST session itself which is a benchmark in World..
  3. Eliminating any need of any prior preparation for therapy sessions.
  4. Extending the therapy sessions from age of 10 till all upper age groups.
  5. Working at the Soul Level, connecting directly with the Subconscious and Soul.
  6. Life Long permanent results.


Rashhi from a very young age of 5 years, has been an Ardent seeker of finding her own inner Self, and to experience the expansion of her own Consciousness by intense Meditation with Yogic Transmission.

She practices Heartfulness Meditation.

Powerful Guided Meditation and Hypnosis by Rashhi




English & Hindi


Soul Consciousness Lab has created Powerful Guided Meditations which can help everyone to Meditate along with Rashhi.


The purpose of these meditations is to help in maintaining complete BALANCE, Build FOCUS, experience a state of PEACE, Inner HARMONY and CREATIVITY.


The Mediation would help you get Grounded with Mother Earth, raise your spiritual vibration, experience powerful spiritual states, experience the divine consciousness, and to regulate the mind for achieving high Productivity, regain Energy, take Balanced decisions, reduce Anger, Anxiety, Fears, Depression and Manifest anything you deserve.


If these are listened with open heart and mind, powerful lifetime changes in our internal and external world could be bought in just 21 days…


It is no secret that Meditation is the only tool, the most effective and powerful one available to mankind, which has been used by one and all, to achieve anything and everything in life!


These meditations have been created with Love and Purity, we have taken care of every aspect — Listen to these when you need to Balance, focus, know your Self, or start your Soul Awakening!





English & Hindi

Soul Consciousness Lab has created Powerful Guided Hypnosis which can help everyone to reprogram your subconscious mind.

The purpose of these Hypnosis is to help in bringing positive changes in the life by the use of subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is all about making fast, natural and permanent changes by giving powerful suggestions directly to the subconscious mind.


The ways in which Hypnosis can be used are limitless. It’s a time tested scientific tool used worldwide and it holds the secrets of the mind.

Experience guided hypnosis from Rashhi, who is one of the leading experts in the world and have helped 1000’s.


It can bring about positive shift in our behaviors, thoughts, consciousness, remove negative blocks,

If these are listened with open heart and mind, powerful lifetime changes in our internal and external world could be bought in just 21 days…

It is no secret that Hypnosis has been used by top Athletes, businessmen, leaders, artists.. all the successful people at the top of the ladder and has helped them to achieve anything and everything in life!

These Hypnosis have been created with Love and Purity, we have taken care of every aspect — Listen to these when you need them!




English & Hindi

Soul Consciousness Lab has created INFORMATION sharing discussions, story boards, videos.

These are based on 100% true real life cases of our Clients, which has enabled us to spread the practical information about all the therapies we deal with.


We present information in a way that everything is learned easily and you are enabled every-time you watch a information video.


We would break all the Myths, Expose all the False Information and remove all the irrational fears about the Holistic Therapies with a single goal–


HELP You become AWARE and Take Maximum BENEFIT of this MIRACULOUS FIELD!…






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HYPNOTIC VIRTUAL VACATION | लाक्डाउन के समय कल्पनिक छुट्टी हिप्नोसिस से RECHARGE Yourself Completely

Guided Meditation by Rashhi | LET GO of Anything That holds You Back & Reinstate Your INNER STRENGTH

Guided meditation Peace & Calmness | कठिन समय में मस्तिक्ष व मन की संपूर्ण शान्ति : by Rashhi Sharma

GUIDED MEDITATION by Rashhi : अपनी आध्यात्मिक वाइब्रेशन बढ़ाएं | सहज हीलिंग, Soul Consciousness Lab

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