What is Future Life Progression?

Have you ever wondered how beneficial it would be to be able to travel forward 5 or 10 years into your future?


To learn about the best possible outcomes for your current situation?

Future Life Progression (F.L.P.) takes you forward in time to explore the possibilities that await you so that you can bring back knowledge and answers to questions you may currently have about your life. You will be able connect to your future self and the wise energy they will gift you to use for your current situation.

What Happens in a Future Life Progression Session?


You will be guided by a qualified therapist into a relaxed state using a technique that blends hypnosis and meditation. When you are beautifully relaxed the practitioner will guide you to your future life and ask a series of questions that are relevant to your current situation. So it maybe that you feel you could benefit from knowing how your current work choices may pan out or perhaps if you have met Mr/Mrs Right….whatever you feel will bring you the knowledge that could benefit you in the present time.

Other areas you may consider (to name a few) –


– Property/Investments

– Trends and Forecasting

– Business

– Family/Relationship

– Life’s Purpose

– Stress and Anxiety

– Confidence

– Goal Setting

– Manifesting the best possible you


Everyone experiences the information that comes to them in their own way..so by that I mean some clients experience visualisations some experience feelings or a sense of something. However you experience it is the right way for you and will give you the insight and opportunity to use this powerful information in your present time taking off any pressures of uncertainty. What’s also fascinating about this work is that we have found once you connect to this powerful future energy and bring it back into your present life it somehow brings this future forward…clients often experience their futures sooner.

Next Life Progression


Would you like to experience what the future looks like now?

Travelling forward into your next life/incarnation is a fascinating experience which can take you to places that you may not even be aware of yet. This session guides you to your next life where you can gather knowledge about your current life’s purpose, understand any Karma you may benefit from healing in this lifetime, or even just have a nose around what the future looks like for mankind. The results of this work so far at F.L.P. headquarters suggest a huge similarity in experiences of our futures between unconnected clients. This technique is already being used in some of the worlds top intelligence agencies to gather and collate information beneficial to us all.


How will this help me?


Many clients experience a serene contentment after this work, bringing forward an awareness of their purpose in this life as well as a confidence in the direction of their spirit or energy. You may like to learn who in your current life is with you in the next, any skills or understandings you can embed within your unconscious memories in this life to prepare you for the next or to gather information about the world around you to bring back to your current life…..the choice is yours.

The session lasts around 120 minutes, although allow a little time in case we run over.





I am trained by Anne Jirsch, who is one of the leading experts and pioneers of Future Life Progression. She is an Internationally Acclaimed Author on the subject and works out of L.A. and London with numerous clients of the media,show business, media and business. These techniques are already being used by top businesses internationally to predict trends and investments by ‘Futurists’.
It is the next exciting generation of Energy Therapy and only a carefully selected few have been trained in this specialized area.