Regression Diaries #

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Let’s be honest and ask this to ourselves “What is the toughest thing in life”?


The same question was asked to Lord Buddha in a different way as “What is the only thing we must do to uproot sufferings from life”? The lord has replied,


“Just as a tree, though cut down, sprouts up again if its roots remain uncut and firm, even so, until the craving that lies dormant is rooted out, suffering springs up again and again”


If we try to understand this correctly, Lord Buddha is saying us to “LET GO”, Uproot the craving completely, then only we move out of the sufferings. But this “Letting Go” is very difficult, the most difficult thing to do. It’s like letting go of a part of you. It’s like cutting down a limb. But learn. It’s a process.


All our sufferings root out from the past, the roots are there in the past and till we don’t find and reach out to the roots and remove them, nothing would change. The same patterns of guilt, habits, fears, relationships, phobias etc. would repeat.

Unknowingly we get trapped to them and don’t also realize that it’s very easy to let go. It’s just like an Elephant. Elephants are one of the most powerful animals on planet Earth. But the Mahavat restrains them in iron chains when they are young. They try to break it, but are unable to do at that age. They finally accept that they won’t be able to break it anytime in life. So, when they grow up strong and even when they are chained in ropes, which they can easily break, they never try to escape. The mental block that they have created in Past in their mind makes them to be in bondage Now.


These stories in Diary are reflection of beautiful souls who believed that they are ready to

“Let go”and are ready to live life with love, faith, can make a new start, they are ready to give themselves a chance. A chance, which we normally deny to ourselves. It’s the chance to grow and love ourselves and accept our SELF with Love.

And if you have ever wondered about the change you want to see in yourself, then these stories would touch your life in some parts or fully .And these would help you to take that First Step towards “Letting go” and “permanent positive change”.


This step needs courage as it is toughest to “Let go”. But once you are ready to move on, there is no way back. You are ready to embrace a new You.


The intent to write these stories is to bring light to those who need it in darkness and bring strength, light, wisdom and answers in their life, leading to a positive permanent change.


I pray and hope that whoever reads these stories gets a ray of hope that the same change can happen with you as well, as these are not just stories but true and real lessons of life, which have been guided by their Soul Masters, their Higher Self, to provide all the needed strength and wisdom for Change.


“May life and wellness grow in fullness and fill each and every thread of your life.


I Pray for all”


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  1. Rohit Singh

    I agree with the “let go”, very well said and explained. I have my personal experience which confirms that when we drop-off the past then only we move ahead! waiting for stories 🙂

  2. Nirupama

    Wonderfully written Rashi. It’s true it so hard to let go off the old patterns of thought. If we fervently make a strong affirmation to let go off the past and embrace the new, we would see the other side that is more beautiful and joyful!

  3. Ritu Goel

    getting influenced with ur shares.Gradually learning to “let go” n embrace the change…
    thanks Rashhi!Keep sharing n influencing…

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