The Below Information Enables You To Know The 100% Truth & Saves you from Getting Into Trap Of Unqualified & Non-Certified Hypnotherapists/PLR/LBL/Shamanic Healing/psychics Healers



This is a humble effort by Soul Consciousness Lab
To Spread Only 100% Right Information About Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Life Between Lives, Future Life Progression, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Healing, Akashic Records & More…


Our aim is simple- to make you aware of the Myths and False Information spread on internet, via fake videos, and few books written by untrained therapists/healers, which has :
  1. Caused lot of harm to people who have hopefully approached therapists, but are not aware of the facts. So most often they are cheated and fooled by untrained and less trained therapists/hypnotherapists. If you’re reading this then it’s assured that you won’t be falling under the trap again and you’ll surely get the right healing and a competent & genuine therapist to help you.
  2. Has brought a bad reputation to Hypnotherapy, and has spread lot of un-necessary fear in the masses about the wonderful healing modalities , hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Life Between Lives, Future Life Progression, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Healing, Akashic Records & More. 
  3. Has prevented you from making a positive, permanent, progressive shift in all the areas of your life- Spiritual, Material, Physical, Mental and Emotional. Lot of people are suffering from untreatable diseases like OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, suicidial thoughts, migraine, fibromyalgia, Autism, Slow developing cancer, unknown pains, pseudo somatic pains, etc. Also, everyone has repeated negative, destructive patterns in relationships, finances, career, etc. In a nutshell all the aspects of the Soul and Personality can be understood, as to why these have happened in a certain way, which is not serving any constructive purpose to the life. After knowing the root cause of all of these via our own subconscious mind and soul, it’s very easy to make a permanent change.  Abut all of this can happen easily only if you choose the right therapist, and then understand the facts about this therapy with an open mind.



So, let’s begin…



What Do We Uniquely Cover Under Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy in traditional terms means working directly with the Subconscious Mind of the Client. Hypnotherapy in this term, as used by majority of the therapists cover only The Current Life. So, Past Lives, period of the child in mother’s womb, and Life Between Lives are not covered. Also Future Lives are not covered.


We at Soul Consciousness Lab have the broadest definition covering hypnotherapy services . It covers
It Covers All of the Soul’s Past starting this moment backwards
Current Life Age Regression
Inside the Mother’s Womb Regression
All Past Lives Soul has lived in any form or Dimension- PLR
Life Between Lives of All Lives- LBL
Future Life Progression- FLP


We have proved it again and again that 100% healing can only happen when we can work with the FULL PAST of the Soul/Subconscious. So, leaving anything , any moment  of the past, from the time of inception of Soul would leave you half healed only.


Why There are Myths? Who has Spread These Myths?


  1. Lack Of Awareness and of right Education About Hypnotherapy & Confusion with Mesmerism
  2. Untrained & Less Trained & Wrongly Trained Therapists
  3. Movies, Stage Hypnosis, Fake Hypnosis Videos Using Actors



Myth Categories


  • Therapists/Healers
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Future Life Progession
  • Shamanic Healing
  • & Other Therapies


Myths & False Information About Therapists/Healers
Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression/Life Between Lives/Future Life Progression/Age Regression/Inner Child Healing/Womb Regression



You Need to Be a Medical Doctor For Being a Therapist In these Modalities? Medical Doctors are The Best For these Therapies?
  • Doctors Have Nothig to Do with These Therapy Moalities
  • Doctors Know Nothing About these Modalities, If Not Certified In these Therapies
  • Doctors have not been trained Even 1% In these Therapy Modalities
  • Finally, Medical Science Denies The Existence Of Soul or Past Lives


 Psychologists & Psychiatrists Can Be The Best Hypnotherapists , Regression Therapists, Shamans?  You Must have an Educational/Professional Background in Psychology To be A Hypnotherapist?
  • 100% False Information
  • Psychologists Know Nothing About these Modalities, If Not Professionally Trained & Certified In these Therapies
  • Psychology Denies The Existence Of Soul & Subconscious Mind, & past Lives, Which Are The Basis Of Hypnotherapy
  • Psychologists Only Help By Talk & Advice, Not By Making You Experience & Change Anything At Your Soul/Subconscious Level
  • So, If A Psychologist Tries To Impress By their Psychology Background, Ask the right Questions



 Most of the Untrained/Fake Therapists Who’re Not Doctors Use False Prefix “Dr.” Before their Names, To Fool & Impress People, While they Are Just Yoga Teachers, Engineers, Reiki Healers, Tarot readers, Counsellors, & simple Life Coaches!!!


The Training In Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Healing Has Levels, Like we have In Any Field. So, Therapist May Be Trained at a BASIC LEVEL, Or Intermediate Level Or Advanced Levels. So, Check The Level Of the Training Of the Therapist, As The Therapy Results And Success Rates Depend Directly On this!
  • It’s Your Responsibility as An Aware Person To Not Get Fooled By Untrained Therapists, and Fake Doctors , Ask & Check Their Background
  • Always Ask & Check All The Certificates Of The Therapists Of The Therapy Modality They Claim To Be expert In. Ask Them To Display These Openly.
  • FOr Those Claiming To Be Trained, Check How They Have Been Trained And By Whom, And At What Level They Have Trained Themselves.


Anyone Who Practices Alternative Healing Modality LIke Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Tarot, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Access bar, Family Constellation, ETC.. Can Also Do Hypnotherapy, PLR, FLP, Shamanic Healing… without Formal Training
And Is Certified and Well Trained To Use These?
  • Any Therapist Who is Certified In These Mentioned Modalities, … Yoga, Reiki, tarot etc..
  • Is Not A Hypnotherapist, Plr Therapist, Or Shamanic Healer at all!
  • Beware! As Most Of the Alternative Therapists Mention Hypnotheray, LBL, PLR, FLP, Psychic Etc… Without Having any Sort Of Training In these Modalities!


Self Proclaimed Pioneers Who Mostly USe Heavy Prefixes Before their Names to Impress You… Like Guru, Sri, Swami, Master, Dr. (Check If they are fake Dr. If they have not done MBBS/Ph.D..)
They Often Claim To be The SELF DECLARED/SELF Certified Pioneers In Hypnosis/PLR/LBL/Spiritual Healing. Are They Genuine/Certified in These?
  • Any Therapist Who Claims To be a Therapist MUST have a global Certification and Accreditation & Must Be trained By a Genuine Trainer/Institute.
  • Don’t Get Fooled Or Impressed By the Heavy Prefixes Before their Names, Ask Them To Verify Their Therapist’s Credentials, else you may be left more damaged then cured after their therapy.
  • Beware! We meet Lot oF Clients Who have Spent Lacs Of Rs with such self proclaimed therapists, & When They are unable to heal they are being told that you have spiritual blockage & You can’t be hypnotized, you’re not that intelligent to be hypnotized even after multiple failed attempts!
  • This Is False Information To Hide their Incompetency And To make you fearful Of their special Spiritual status, so that you don’t ask any questions which can expose their incompetence!


 What Type Of Training Is Needed For the Therapist To Excel In Hypnotherapy, PLR, FLP, Shamanism, Psychic Healing.  Is Online Training, Remote Training, Video Training, Training By Reading Books, On WhatsApp Etc.. Sufficient To Excel In this Field?
  • Hypnotherapy, PLR, FLP, LBL, Shamanism etc are Practical Work Areas, Where You Need to Practice Along with your Instructor closely & Rigorously
  • Only Onsite Training (From Basic to Advanced Stepwise) Which Involves Rigorous Practice Is Beneficial To Excel. Also You Need a Lot Of Practice after training as well
  • So, Ask About the Trainings Of Your Therapist, It Matters The Most!


Please Download Our Comprehensive Guide To Know How to choose Best Training & Trainer!
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Myths & False Information About The Therapy
Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression/Life Between Lives/Future Life Progression/Age Regression/Inner Child Healing/Womb Regression


Not All Of the Willing & Sane People Can Be Hypnotized Using Hypnotherapy Techniques For Therapy Purpose. Only 40-60% Of the Intelligent Population Can Get Into a Hypnotic Trance & Others are Not Capable Of It.
100% Of the Willing, Sane & Of Average Iq People Can Be Easily Hypnotized .Any Can Be Hypnotized Who Is –
– Not Suffering From Certain Brain Disorders
– Has An Average Iq
– Can Follow Instructions


We Have Had A Lot Of Clients Who Have Visited Many Renowned (But Untrained/Less Trained) Therapists Earlier And Have Been TOld that They Can’t Regress/Hypnotized, And The Problem Lies With The Client Not Therapist!
This Is False!


It’s The Capability Of the Therapist Only & Not Of The Client To Get Into a Hypnotic Trance! It’s a Therapist’s Failure & Not Of The Client’s!


The Therapist Would Ask You To Drink Something Or Would Ask You To Take A Pill Before Session
The Therapist Explains You that You need to take this drink or a Pill then only you can Be Taken Into A Hypnotic Trance State
  • Hypnotherapy is a Drug-less Therapy
  • No Kind Of External Substance Should Be Used to Induce Hypnotic Trance
  • Genuine & Certified Hypnotherapists Would Explain You This Fact Before Session
  • Please Report To Your Local law/Police Office If this is asked by the therapist
  • We Have Been Informed By Many Women That Such Fake Hypnotherapists Molested Women After making Them Consume Such Drugs/Substances During a Hypnosis session


Only Mentally Weak People Can Be Hypnotized
Those who are intelligent, creative, logical, and hard stubborn minds can’t be hypnotized, So Only 50-60% of the total population can be hypnotized
If The Hypnotherapist Is Unable To Take You Into Hypnotic Trance stste, It’s 100% Your Fault and Not of the Hypnotherapist
  • Anybody with an IQ over 70 CAN be hypnotized.
  • All it takes is willingness, paired with enough concentration to follow simple instructions. If you are capable of reading this article, YOU can be hypnotized.
  • Genuine & Certified Hypnotherapists Would Never Blame you If you’re Not able to go to hypnotic Trance. They’ll Just change the Technique which would Suit you, and there are 1000’s Of techniques. A Highly trained Hypnotherapist knows what Hypnosis induction would suit you.
  • Only Untrained Hypnotherapists make such excuses!



Hypnosis is Sleep. Those who are Under Hypnosis Won’t Remember Anything After the session as they are sleeping.
  • While a hypnotized subject may have their eyes closed for an extended period of time, they are NOT sleeping.
  • Hypnotized persons ARE 100% aware of their surroundings. Despite appearances, they actually have a HEIGHTENED sense of focus. It’s like comparing a laser beam (hypnosis) to a light bulb (wakeful alertness).
  • In Hypnotic Trance You Are Fully Conscious Of everything and at the same time deeply connected to your subconscious Mind as well. So, You are not sleeping at all. The Moment you tend to sleep, Hypnotherapist would stop the session.
  • This False Information Is spread By People Who would like to Scare You and not take the benefits of hypnosis.


Hypnotized People Are Helpless. Those who are Under Hypnosis Have No Control Over their Thoughts, Actions, and the hypnotherapists take full control over their Will, and can ask them to do anything against their Moral Belief system or will.
  • It’s extremely difficult to get a hypnotized person to do anything against their moral principles.
  • In a hypnotic state the subject is in his/her own control all the time
  • Hypnosis is not Mind Control
  • This False Information Is spread By movies, actors, TV and People Who would like to Scare You and not take the benefits of hypnosis.


You need to do lot of meditation, pranayama, yoga, etc. & listen to the audio cd’s sold by the therapists before you can be hypnotized for hypnotherapy, plr etc.
  • There is no need to do all of this if you need to take hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not a religious therapy.
  • Anyone can be easily hypnotized , in the first attempt itself, without any special preparation at all. That’s the success rate, and it should be 100% always of a highly trained, skilled therapist.
  • It’s the capability of a highly trained hypnotherapist, and not the need of the client at all.
  • These are ways to hide the incompetency of the therapist & to ensure that the client doesn’t ask the right questions, and thinks that he is at fault not the therapist.


False Memories are Implanted In your Mind By Using Hypnotherapy
  • The Hypnosis Allows Your Subconscious Mind to be accessible by your conscious mind, so the memories are your own past memories and are not false or Implanted memories.
  • No False Memory is implanted by the hypnotherapist, that’s not how hypnosis works.
  • This False Information Is spread By movies, actors, TV and People Who would like to Scare You and not take the benefits of hypnosis.
Hypnosis Can Retrieve Lost Memories?
  • Yes, Hypnosis is the realm Of the Subconscious Mind, Where Permanent Memories are stored, and it’s not the physical Brain Or conscious memory area.
  • So, Yes We can retrieve those memories which are lost and may not be a part of conscious or brain now. In Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapy, we easily retrieve all the lost memories.
  • Permanent memory is the realm of the subconscious mind. The whole point of Hypnosis is to access the RESOURCES of the subconscious mind. Hypnosis techniques are the best, if not the only way to recover lost memories!
  • If a memory is not readily available, there may be a reason the subconscious mind is hiding it from conscious awareness.