NGH USA Hypnosis Certification

This Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training offered at Soul Consciousness Lab has been approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. USA. This 115-hour and 9-day professional training course will be taught by Mrs. Rashhi Sharma, who is a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis from NGH USA, , C.I. CHT, MHt., includes (& exceeds) the complete curriculum for a professional career in hypnotherapy, developed and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), USA – the oldest and largest professional hypnosis organization in the world! The coursework consists of 80 hours of live instruction and 35 hours of independent work to be completed by the student.

Best Hypnosis Professionals

This course is designed to produce 100% confident and competent hypnosis professionals. This certification program is a VERY high quality, professional accelerated hypnosis training and will help you to become one of the MOST QUALIFIED hypnosis professionals. You will be credited with over 100 hours of onsite training in a training schedule (8 days in class with approximately 25-35 hours of self-practice work). Call us to learn more. Upon graduation from this hypnosis training program, you will have earned Master Hypnotist Certification, IPHM UK therapist Hypnosis Certification, Self-Hypnosis Teacher Certification, and National Guild of Hypnotists Certification.Soul Consciousness Lab is the first & Only organization that has brought this World’s no-1 hypnosis certification program to India!

100% Experiential Learning

We offer a training course that enables you to become a hypnotherapist – registered and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), one of the world’s largest hypnotherapy organizations.

However, we don’t just want you to complete the course with a qualification. We also want you to be 100% competent in helping clients and to be able to run your own hypnotherapy practice successfully. During the course, Mrs. Rashhi will share with you her extensive experiences of many years in practice and from thousands of successful sessions which she did across 80+ countries.

100% Success Rates in Hypnosis

You learn only the most modern, the most effective, and advanced hypnosis tools and techniques which provide you with 100% success rates. As a consulting hypnotist, you help 100% of your willing clients with powerful hypnosis sessions designed by Mrs Rashhi Sharma.

Enhance your Hypnosis Practice

If you are already a Hypnotist; you can add more techniques and more hypnosis training to your skill set and become a more efficient hypnotist with Mrs. Rashhi’s extensive experience, unique modern & most efficient hypnosis techniques of NGH, and years of professional work in the use of Clinical Hypnosis which are designed to give 100% success from the 1st session itself, means more satisfied Clients, More growth.

A lot of practicing hypnotherapists trained with her in the past years and have benefitted their professional practice with 100% success rates.

All-in-One | A Complete Hypnosis Education Program

This 9-day, 115-hour, Clinical Hypnotherapy Program covers everything from Basic to Advanced Levels of  Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy in a 100% experiential and practical way. All the topics and techniques are demonstrated practically and then all the students are allowed to practice extensively under the close supervision of the trainer, Mrs. Rashhi Sharma.


By the end of the 9-day Program, every student is 100% confident to conduct independent and result-oriented Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions both Online and Offline with 100% Success!

Eligibility & Suitability
of applicants

No previous experience with hypnosis or hypnotherapy is required to become a hypnotherapist. People come to hypnotherapy from all walks of life.

There is no ‘upper’ age limit on this course – so if you’re a lively senior citizen, do feel free to sign up, people of all ages (18+) are welcome.

Anyone can learn to do hypnosis. However to become a hypnotherapist you need to be able to get on with people and gain rapport with them. You will also need to be able to communicate well in English and read it fluently.

Who Can't Attend this Program



Before applying for a place on this course, please let us know if you have experienced or currently experience any psychological, psychiatric, medical, physical, or neurological disorder, including:


Psychosis, Bi-polar disorder, Depression, Uncontrolled panic attacks, Epilepsy, Significant past, physical/emotional trauma, If you are fitted with a pacemaker, Severe visual/auditory impairment, If you are currently experiencing undiagnosed pain, If you are using medication which may impair your concentration.

Essential Qualities for becoming a Hypnotherapist

As a practicing hypnotherapist, you will be helping people make positive changes to their lives and some of your clients may be emotionally vulnerable. We, therefore, feel that it is important that anyone who undertakes this course must:

1. be of suitable character to take on a career working with such people.

As a practicing hypnotherapist, you will be helping people make positive changes to their lives and some of your clients may be emotionally vulnerable. We, therefore, feel that it is important that anyone who undertakes this course must:

2. be sufficiently mature in order to be able to listen to traumatic material without being unduly affected personally.


The core of this NGH USA-certified professional course is the 300-page National Guild of Hypnotists’ training manual.


Teaching is provided in a supportive classroom environment. Each tuition day will include theoretical lectures, manual references, and discussions, together with extensive practical demonstrations, and group activities, and we allow the practice of each and every concept till you get the results then and there, of techniques taught.


The course notes will be supplemented by additional online materials, according to the topics being covered. The course will have 8 full extended days (10 a.m. to 12 a.m. …..- a total of 85 hours or more) in the classroom. All Participants would have to practice before the trainer, in groups & alone to ensure that they learn and demonstrate all the concepts practically during the training itself !!

In addition to ‘class’ time, students are also required to complete directed and self-directed home study and homework assignments.

Hypnotherapy is both a theoretical and practical based study. We believe that it is very important for a student to not only learn the information taught but also to be able to use it in practice. To this end, a large proportion of the course is dedicated to demonstrations and practice.

Students are also advised to practice self-hypnosis daily and keep a reflective journal and coursework portfolio.

Although personal study time varies from student to student, you should allow between 3 to 4 hours each day for homework completion.

Homework is mandatory and must be completed in order to receive your qualification/certification.


You get

4 International Certificates

1 year Free Membership of  NGH USA

1 Year Free Membership  of   Soul Consciousness Lab

All worth Rs 25000/- Free


only on successful completion of the program as per the T&C

3 International Accreditation

This course is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), USA & International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), UK, & Soul Consciousness Lab, India.

Upon successfully passing the course, it will entitle you to use the ‘post-nominal’ letters MHt. (Master Hypnotherapist) after your name, and the internationally recognized NGH certificate entitles you to use the letters CH (Certified Hypnotherapist) after your name. For example John Smith MHt., CH

NGH USA Certification

Founded in 1951 in the USA, NGH is the Oldest, Largest, and most respected organization for professional Hypnosis. You get certified by NGH and are awarded a beautiful certificate that entitles you to be a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Certified Self-Hypnosis Teacher

The Course teaches you Self-Hypnosis & you become a Certified Self-Hypnosis Teacher who can conduct Self-Hypnosis Training globally.

Certified Master Hypnotist

You get a Title of Master Hypnotist, certified by Soul Consciousness Lab

IPHM UK Certified Therapist

You get a course completion & therapist certificate from IPHM, UK

You can Opt for Paid Membership with IPHM UK.

Venue of the Program


The Program is designed as a 100% Residential Program in Bangalore, India. 

The venue is a beautiful nature boutique resort “Discovery Village Resort, Bangalore”



You can also Join this wonderful program in “LIVE ONLINE” Mode.

Here you join the Offline class via Online meeting from your Home or Office. This provides you with the same experience as being there in the Residential Training Group.

Please ask us about this special “Live Online Training mode”




of the training program.



You can practice anytime in the separate conference room.

Natural Setting


Far from the city noise, peaceful, in a natural setting for maximum focus & learning.


Costs are at par with what you would spend by booking your own stay anywhere in the city.

Most Efficient Arrangement

Save Travel time and costs. remain absorbed in learning.

NGH USA Hypnosis Certification


“This program has been developed after thousands of hours of hypnosis experience. The methods that you will learn are designed to provide you and your clients with consistently high levels of success.”


CLICK on the below Button to Download the Brochure to read about the Training Content.

This Training is designed to cover the Standard Basic to Advanced Curriculum towards the certification of The  National Guild Of Hypnotists, USA .

The Program Contents meet and exceed this requirement.

Basic Level Topics

The Program does not assume that you have a background in hypnosis. It covers all the needed basic and fundamental topics.

Advanced Level Topics

The Program covers all the Advanced Level Hypnosis topics: modern, latest, and best!

Live Demos & Practice Sessions

A lot of time is spent on the actual practice of the concepts. It’s high-grade experiential learning!

Homework & Assignments

In addition to ‘class’ time, students are also required to complete directed and self-directed home study and homework assignments.


This is the world’s most sought-after Clinical Hypnosis training program. No other training program even remotely matches the results, tools, & success that is achieved when you start practice as an NGH USA Certified consulting hypnotist!

What You Get?

NGH Hypnotherapy Manual

Complete Set of Manual plus much more from NGH USA. Check on the next page 1 year Membership from NGH USA.

Complete Hypnosis Scripts for all topics

You get 100’s ready-to-use Hypnosis Scripts which are the most effective, result-oriented, and latest, using modern hypnosis techniques only. You get a lot of additional scripts which are apart from NGH and are written by mrs Rashhi from her experience.

6 Months Free membership/benefits with Soul Consciousness Lab

This exclusive membership allows you to – 24×7 Support for any queries, sessions, client issues, etc. Allows to attend monthly video calls with Mrs. Rashhi Sharma Join the exclusive premium support group for practice sessions

How To Register?

Registration is a simple 3-Step Process…

We have only 12 Seats per batch so register well in Advance. 

The program is conducted only 2 times a year – January & June.


Check all the information, and clarify all doubts with us first.

NOTE: The “Residential Mode” and “Live Online” Mode have different Fees altogether.

Please ask for the same.


Pay the Registration Fees and Note Down the Payment ID.


Fill out the Online Enrollment Form for registration.


If your form is accepted, you’ll receive email/call confirmation & wound need to pay the balance fees as per the Terms and Conditions mentioned.

Else we will refund your Rs 50000/-.


This is NOT the full program fee. It’s a Deposit which is a part of the Full Fees.

You’ll receive all the information/instructions via email.

The Fees have 2 components.

  1. Program Tuition Fees
  2. Resort Stay Fees fully cover 7 nights & 8 days of stay with all meals.

Fees Breakup

Terms & Conditions

Download the Brochure for all T&C.

"LIVE ONLINE" Training

"Live Online with the Onsite Program"

Get the World’s N0.1

hypnosis certification

ONLINE as well!


Yes! You Can Take Our Courses Live ONLINE by Participating in A Live OFFLINE Class at Our Residential Program Venue, from Your Home OR Office On Your Computer and Get Your Hypnosis Certification!


Click here to download the Costs, Processes, Features, and terms and conditions to join the training in LIVE+ONLINE Mode.






live + online option setup = full hands-on

who can attend the LIVE ONLINE NGH Program?

Only students who are not living in India


if living in India you must have very valid reasons for your inability to join the program onsite.

Computer & Internet Requirements to take this class.

There are very specific requirements to be met by the Student to be able to join the NGH Certification Online.


This is to ensure maximum efficiency and seamless experience for the students Offline or Online.


Check the Brochure for details.

A full 2-way engagement

The setting allows you to do a full 2-way engagement with the trainer & the Group

Participate in the Practice sessions

You Participate in the Practice sessions along with the Class Live!


Save Travel time, and costs.

remain absorbed in learning.