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What is Life Between Lives hypnotherapy offered by Certified Therapists of MNI USA


The LBL sessions offered by Mrs Rashhi Sharma are the Most Advanced Spiritual Regression sessions. These sessions can be ONLY offered by few & rare Certified LBL facilitators who work with world’s most respected Spiritual Organization, “Michael Newton Institute, USA”


To be a certified LBL Therapist from MNI USA itself means that the therapist is among the world’s topmost 200 Hypnotherapists who have been trained and certified by MNI USA for the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.



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Frequently Asked Questions | Life Between Lifes (LBL) Sessions

Where can I find more information about LBL sessions?

I am not sure if you have read about LBL sessions in detail already, if not you can please check Michael Newton Institute’s website once and it would help you a great deal. We have provided you a link for the important Frequently Asked Questions page of Michael Newton Institute guidelines in this webpage, do click and read please. So, we will get a high-level perspective of the SOUL GOALS and not all the specific physical goals. The goals are life lessons and all the physical goals are planned around these lessons. All the events can be related around the overall soul level spiritual goals/lessons we plan for this life. This we can explore in LBL.

Q: Is the PLR session before the LBL session mandatory? what if I have already experience PLR somewhere else?

Yes, the short PLR session 1 day before the LBL session is mandatory, it’s the part of the process set by the Michael Newton Institute and it has profound reasons to do so. 

  1. Firstly we must ensure that you are ready for the LBL session and you must experience how regression happens, how your conscious mind experiences and assimilate the subtle experience of the subconscious mind’s information. You understand how you perceive information at this level. You and the therapist also discuss in detail about the LBL session goals.
  2. Secondly, The LBL sessions can be much longer, lasting 4-5 hours, and to be able to sustain that state, you must have a previous experience.
  3. Other important reasons for this are explained in the FAQ’s provided on the webpage of Michael Newton website. We have provided the link below.
MNI FAQ’s Click here.

Q: What is the difference of the PLR session done in LBL and the normal PLR session you do without LBL?

LBL has 2 sessions:
short PLR
next day, LBL
A short PLR session- This is a very specific, unique PLR. We explore the immediate past life OR the most significant past life ONLY and do not venture in any other past lives. So, this is not a normal PLR session where we explore life issues/relationship patterns, reason for mental/emotional/physical queries/issues— as these may have roots in current life, womb period, many other past lives other than the immediate past life and need dedicated exploration of these. You may need Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy and other haling techniques for the same which are not a part/goal of LBL.

Can it happen that during and LBL session all answers are not provided and why does it happen?

Yes, let’s understand this by an example here. Suppose a student of say 5th standard wants to know about something which he can only understand after his graduation. He can be told the answer, but he will not be able to comprehend it now as he lacks the needed knowledge and experience to understand the answer. So, in case even if we try to tell him or make him understand at this point in life, do you think he would be able to understand the concepts correctly or on the contrary do you think he would be more confused and might even lose interest in the very subject. Similarly, our life unfolds in a very different way every day, we learn so many things in a very methodological and a planned manner, and this planning has been done meticulously by your subconscious mind, Soul and the Guides, so that we learn the needed lessons at the right moment only, which we planned for our life after gaining appropriate understanding, experience and we do it when we are in that stage of receptiveness.
So, in LBL session, we will be able to get the answers which we can comprehend, have wisdom to assimilate, and are necessary at the time of the LBL session. I (Mrs Rashhi) have done 2 LBL’s as well for the same person with a gap of 6 months to 1 year, as the Guides mentioned that “it is not the right time for these answers now, you need to learn more and come back” — so we waited and did the LBL again for those specific questions, and then the answers were revealed.
I hope this helps you and you can decide on the goals please.

Q: Can I put a list of intentions to heal, find root cause of my issues, example – I have anxiety, depression, OCD, financial issues etc., can the LBL resolve these?

For these issues you need to take Hypnotherapy (Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy with Past Life Regression) sessions which is a part of our “Integrated Hypnotherapy” session (IH Session).
To know about IH sessions, please click here.

Can LBL session help me in a way that it helps to achieve my spiritual goals better and faster?

Also, the LBL experience open up a profound opportunity to speed up our spiritual growth, as we can have the first-hand experience being a Soul, we can get the experience which you have only read about, and you get the most wonderful chance of meeting and knowing your spirit Guides.
So, after an LBL if you get the needed awareness, you can always progress faster than you originally planned and can add more important lessons as well — more than planned before birth– but it happens rarely, and if it happens, we can find it in LBL.


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Before You read the FAQ’s its essential to understand that there are lot of hypnotherapists/PLR Therapists, Reiki Healers, etc specially in India, who use the term LBL and claim that they do LBL sessions.


But the important question is ” Are these therapists CERTIFIED and TRAINED even for LBL sessions?


look closely, you’ll find 99% of these therapists are not even trained in Hypnotherapy, PLR itself from a certified International organization. They work at very basic level in Hypnotherapy, PLR and spiritual regression. They can’t even perform a basic hyonsis and PLR but they use the term LBL and EVEN THEIR TRAINERS/TEACHERS HAVE ZERO training in LBL as needed.
Remember that “LBL is a copyrighted term of MNI, USA and only to be used by therapists who have been originally trained and certified with MNI USA, and None else.
Please note that MNI USA  LBL certification needs you to be a “highluy skilled , certified, professionally trained at the Advanced levels for 100’s of hours, and well proficient in lot of advanced spiritual regression techniques. You must demonstrate all the slills and experience before you even get selected for LBL training.
Next, The certification is not provided just by attending the LBL training, no!!!
You must demeonstrate the skills, pass the certification process to be certified as a MNI certified LBL therapist.
So, the above information must be known to all the seekers who really want a genuine experience of LBL You must check if the LBL therapist is listed on the MNI wensite or not.


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