Have you ever experienced any of the following?


Irrational or debilitating fears
Unexplained or recurring physical pains or sensations
Persistent feelings of panic, anger, guilt or depression
Frequent disturbing thoughts or emotional outbursts
Emotional numbness in situations where most people would have an appropriate reaction
 Repeating relationship problems with family, coworkers or friends


“Did you know these could be signs that you have unresolved pain from the past? Conflicts from the past, whether from childhood or past lives, can lead to patterns of behavior that keep us stuck and disconnected.”


Past Life Exploration Healing


Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories 
of past lives or incarnations.


These memories are the memory imprints on our soul, our sub conscious which form the beliefs of present life.


In fact Life is about evolution, moving forward, on wards and upwards. Oftentimes, though we may know this, there are blockages that prevent us from truly living the life that we desire, and deep down know that we deserve. At times, the tools we have been using, the beliefs that have gotten us by in life ultimately leave us feeling hopeless and frustrated when we cannot seem to create lasting change.





Past life regression is a legitimate form of spiritual healing.  It does not matter what religion one follow, what beliefs you have or you don’t believe in God; experiencing oneself as a soul in other lifetimes gives you a deep awareness that you are more than just a physical body. During Past Life Sessions, we encounter our soul’s essence, connected to a greater Divine Universal Energy, perhaps for the first time in our life. For those who experience it, they feel truly at peace. Understanding the connection between past lives and present reality leads to profound personal benefits, both spiritual and practical.


How one can Heal and Grow With Past Life Regression Healing?


Regression can offer so many benefits when you practice this trans formative technique. For example, some benefits include :


Release past traumas and heartbreaks.
Overcoming fears and anxiety


Gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life
Achieve clarity and solutions for healthy relationships.Understanding relationship patterns and creating healthy patterns

Fulfil your potential and achieve success.
Get unstuck know your creative talents.

Connect to Your HigherSelf
Learn about Your Trueself.