Regression Diaries #Women Abuse#

    Too many `IFS’ Too many `WHENS’ Too many `SORRYS’ And `NEVER AGAINS’ Too many `PROMISES’ Too many `LIES’ Far too many `ONE MORE TRIES’ How many were there, Before I knew That `ACTIONS’ speak louder Than `PROMISES’ do? … Continued

Chapter 01#: #Insecurity #Self-Blame #Conflict with Authority #Unknown Pain # Guilt:

I am really fascinated that how these lines perfectly fit in our lives   “You cant start a new chapter, If you keep re reading the last one”.   “Very often we have some strong tendencies in life which pull … Continued


  Spiritual evolution is infinite, has enormous dimensions extending into time and beyond, and knowledge areas which are still evolving still, and so is the knowledge and experience we have to gather to achieve the highest in the least possible … Continued

Regression Diaries #

Let’s be honest and ask this to ourselves “What is the toughest thing in life”?   The same question was asked to Lord Buddha in a different way as “What is the only thing we must do to uproot sufferings … Continued