Chapter 01#: #Insecurity #Self-Blame #Conflict with Authority #Unknown Pain # Guilt:

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I am really fascinated that how these lines perfectly fit in our lives


“You cant start a new chapter, If you keep re reading the last one”.


“Very often we have some strong tendencies in life which pull us down and in turn keep us away from living a fulfilling and growth oriented positive life.


This was such a case which many can relate to easily, it has Insecurities/Pain/Anger/Self-Blame/Guilt. How these can be carried by the soul and once we find the reasons, how these can be removed and life can be transformed permanently and we can gain wisdom.”

And the same one can experience when we go on the journey of past lives, through Past Life exploration. Just like this one story out of many, I am sharing with you.


So I had a client Aarav (name changed) who was a lean, nearly 5 foot 6, grey -haired, very humble well-versed person. His eyes beamed with love when he told me that he has a very strong connection with his mother. And he enjoyed his childhood, though he was aloof, loved reading books alone, always tried to stay away from crowd. And he expressed his fear that “Will he be able to regress to Past”. I must tell you that this question is asked by 99% of my clients. And I explained him the reasons how easy it is to regress to past. “You have to just Let Go,” I said.


Later he revealed that he had already undergone few sessions in Delhi but was unable to undergo PLR. He was skeptic, but he wanted to know the answers of the issues he was facing in his life which I think already started expanding his awareness about self.


He said He has a very strong tendency of always leaving the job if the work location is far from family. He always gets into dispute with the higher authorities, Managers and colleagues and can’t tolerate authority, and doesn’t understand why, seems like an instinct he can’t control. In past 17 years, he never stayed for more than 2 years in one job because of disputes.


Also, he had unknown pain in the left side of shoulder, and there is no medical reason for it. He also had this habit of self-blaming for all the problems in family and feels guilty.


But he said that it seems to him that he is ready to give another try to dig out the reasons now.


So after a detailed and fulfilling discussion we started on the journey back in time, with lot of hope and positivity… letting go off the past doubts.

And then…

He regressed to the period of Kalinga empire in India, in a life where he could see himself as a leader of the army and aptly described the settings, architecture, clothes, surroundings etc. He was not loved by his father who held a very high position in army and had authority over him and he (father) always thought that he(client) was worthless.

So, he always wanted to prove to his father his self-worth, and hated the authority which his father always boasted for and denigrated him not to be able to rise to a higher position.

He moved forward in that life where the war started and enemy had attacked the empire. He had very strong feeling of guilt while he left his family (mother and wife) and proceeded for the battle ground. He was feeling very insecure for his mother and wife whom he loved the most.


This battle was a chance to prove himself, prove to his father his worth, throw the anger out and take revenge.


The battle proved fatal. He was badly hurt, an arrow pierced his left shoulder where he felt excruciating pain and lay on ground for too long with this pain, and when he stood, someone just cut him into 2 pieces right from the head down.

In the soul form, when he died, he made a contract to himself never to leave his family alone, and carried the grudge born out of his father’s authority as he could not prove his self-worth.

He was overwhelmed and felt as if tons of weight has been removed from his heart. It felt light and he said he felt very calm and relaxed. The reasons for all the issues were found, and he could understand and relate them to his current life.


– Why does he always have conflicts with authority? He could understand this and got messages from his Master to move ahead and make peace with it, and he did agree and felt tremendously relieved and calm.


– Why is he always insecure when he leaves his wife and mother or must work in a faraway place? He understood the reason and dissolved the contract he made to himself which was the reason for this.


– Reason for the pain in shoulder. The pain was healed fully during the session, it was released forever.


– Reasons for self-blame and guilt.

Aarav was very surprised and amazed to see the relation to what was going on below his conscious awareness. He found profound meaning, wisdom and depth to what he saw and felt and could relate to it.


This all wisdom came from Within him, not from outside, he had all the answers Within always, what he did to achieve it was simply “Let Go”.

This causes me to wonder about the Astral Law which says

“Where Thought goes, the Body Follows”

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  1. Lynne M

    Beautiful share Rasshi.

    Thank YOU for illustrating how things we carry from a faraway past may affect us today, in our lives, without us knowing the root cause(s).

    Illuminating post!

    • admin

      Thanks a lot Lynne???? I really appreciate you for giving valuable time to review my post.

  2. TJ

    Lovely read. I wonder though if the session “completely ” healed his problem or it keeps coming back sometimes.

  3. Ritu Goel

    rashhi,you surely are an eminent n established PLR therapist, helping people carve a life they crave for.
    there is a need to poularise n educate the folks about this science.All the v best in ur journey of healing!

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